Applications for colorFabb_HT

You might be wondering who should be using colorFabb_HT and to answer that question we’ve highlighted various areas of application below. We think each of these areas will benefit greatly from the specific material characteristics of colorFabb_HT.

3d print inlaatspruitstukken, Vintage Mini’s

Design by Wouter Wolfs and Dennis van bergen van der Gijps


colorFabb_HT unique combination of high toughness and temperature resistance makes this material suited for real world applications in industries such as automotive.

Whether it’s printing parts used in the engine bay or functional brackets and other clamps _HT will do the trick. Since it’s a durable material mechanical properties will remain over time.

Functional prototyping

We expect many more applications to be developed in this area. Whether it’s a headphone or a housing for holding electronics parts the material needs good stability and decent heat resistance. Of course colors are important too, especially when these electronics are custom made to your liking.


Durable parts

Because of its durable nature the material is an excellent choice for making your own tools and clamps. Whether it’s an improvement for your workshop or actual custom made parts for a productionline, this material will be uniquely suited for the job.




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